What We Do

We currently have two projects running in which we have designed products that aim to help the prevention of climate change in new and innovative ways.

"Planet Savers" - our first product - Gives you the opportunity to 'Go Green' by planting trees!

Carbon Dioxide emissions are severely damaging the Earth and it's climate. Each year we individually emit 2.51 tonnes of of carbon dioxide which is stimulating the government and local authorities to impose greener strategies, urging everyone to take immediate action for the sake of the planet and future generations. We would like to help you offset your carbon emissions by planting trees. These trees will lock up the carbon you produce through photosynthesis and will provide a natural habitat for animals, birds and insects, simultaneously enhancing the surroundings and reducing your carbon footprint..

Thrive are not only offering you this unique opportunity, not only to become part of the solution to global warming but to support your schools Young Enterprise company. Each tree costs £5. The trees we are offering include: English Oak, Ash, Silver Birch, Beech and (during the festive period) we also offered Norwegian Spruce.


The Package includes:

  • Your chosen tree, which will be between 40-60cm tall

  • A spiral guard and a Bamboo cane to aid planting

  • And a 'Go Green' Certificate

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"Eco-Learn" - Paving the way for the future!


“eco-learn” is a fully interactive CD-ROM package for primary schools.  In the package is a tree for the children to plant in the grounds to watch it grow, a certificate and a interactive CD-ROM which teaches the children how their tree helps the planet, why too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is bad, why there is too much carbon dioxide, what the children can do to help the planet and how you can help your tree grow. All the information is part of the National Curriculum which children aged 7-11 have to study.  There are games and activities on the CD-ROM to enhance their learning experience and planting the tree shows them in real life how it is benefiting the environment.

“eco-learn” is a colourful, engaging packaging which teaches about important environmental issues, “Sally the Squirrel” guides the children through the CD-ROM. Kinaesthetic learning is great for children and planting the tree will not only get them outside of the classroom learning, but will also promote group work.  Our generation have a right to learn about their environment and not let it go to ruin; thrive want to help to do this and to give younger children the chance they deserve to preserve our world.

The “eco-learn” package can be purchased with or without a tree to plant.  With a tree, the package is £29 and without a tree the package is £22.  Any extra trees can be purchased at a price of £7 each.

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